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Example of Ethical purchasing group
Example of ethical purchasing groups. This example should show you how to divide the products and the costs with the other persons of the group. In this group four families organize the distribution of the ordered products and the division of costs within the group. A group is divided in two steps. The second step consists in the distribution step, where the responsible of the group set how the quantities should be divided. The partecipants can add their comments.
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Enrico & Vale
Total: 75.20€
Wheat pastry flour from Quercegrossa
5 Kg bag of wheat pastry flour from the Quercegrossa Mill (Siena) and produced by Agriturismo Rigoni (Siena). Maximal quantity o...
Price: 5.40 €/bag
0.5 bag
We share half bag with Elisa e Luca
Olio extra vergine from Monteriggioni
5 litres bottle of olive-oil –Olio Extra Vergine– from the farm of Monteriggioni (Siena). This oil is perfect as salad dressing....
Price: 7.50 €/litre
3 litre

Acacia honey
Jar of 500 grams acacia honey produced in the farm of San Giuliano Terme. Of course organic.
Price: 5.00 €/jar
0 jar

Delivery cost:
50.00 €
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Total: 75.20 €
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